Amid strong competition for companies in the Egyptian and gulf market, each company try to market their products through different ways like Visual, audio or online ads. And With the change of concept of advertising since the advent of the Internet in General, we have changed the concept of advertising as it is not limited to large companies, Hence the idea  of balina company to give all companies right to competition regardless of the size of the budget.

About Balina Media

We are a Teamwork, every one of us has enough experience at Digital Marketing field and Media since 2014, every one of us do his job lonely as a freelancer, so we decided to make our the freelance project’s to be Integrated Services as an online START-UP Agency because of everyone of us Specializes in partial of Digital Marketing, so we are so glad to be your choice and your partner to your business to grow up and make it unique.


 Digital Marketing Solution

 Online Ads

 Social Media Management

 Creative Design

 Motion Graphic & Videos



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  • Best quality at the lowest price
  • Quickly communicate with you
  • Thorough study of product and innovative solutions

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