Prime minister scott morrison reaffirms border security policy

Scott Morrison says Australian government remains committed to a borderless, sovereign Australia 바카라 카지노and is not interested in discussing the politics of a return to the border.

Mr Morrison said if a deal was brokered, it would have to be between the “relevant member states” and not between “the current Government and the Australian people”.

The immigration minister said the question of border security would still be a political one in the run-up to election day.

“I think the question of what is appropriate to the future remains an important one for the electorate,” Mr Morrison said.

“As much as we hope it won’t come down to that, I think it still remains a very important issue for the voters.”

Mr Morrison confirmed t카지노 칩he Australian Government still supported the need for “strong border control and physical separation”, and would look to the “reform and implementation of measures which ensure the security and security of the border”.

“I have not had any discussion, or had any consultation, with any part of the Australian Government or anyone on the border,” he said.

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