Fiji sugar workers vote to strike over pay

Fiji workers have voted for a pay increase in response to ongoing pay demands of sugar workers.

The Fijian Federation of Agriculture and Food Employees, as well as other union representatives, have been taking a hard stance and holding meetings with a group of government workers.

Fiji’s government plans to increase wages for the sugar industry by 20 per cent in 2018 and for the sugar workers by 28 per cent.

They will also be paid more for each hour spent in front of an open stall at any fair and the use of compu우리카지노ters or tablets, instead of being paid for manual labor.

Fiji’s Prime Minister, Niels Hultqvist, says he wants to make sure that Fijian sugar workers get the increases they deserve.

“I don’t want this company to be the biggest in Fiji. The number of workers is 바카라사이트not going up, the demand for workers is going up, the quality is going up, the living conditions are increasing, the productivity is increasing,” Mr Niels said.

Fiji was named the second poorest nation in the world last year after an 8 per cent reduction in annual income.

It has 바카라사이트become the latest country in the world to struggle for change over pay.

The government has promised more than $4 billion for sugar workers.