Public servants to defy order and down tools that they didn’t need, and that have been used to commit crimes against democracy,” it said, urging the government to end its “total and complete” use of military coups.

“They want to restore law and order but they 더킹카지노won’t accept a legitimate authority whose legitimate바카라사이트 authority they don’t like anymore,” the statement said.

Tensions between Venezuela and Colombia have been at their highest since April, when Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro declared martial law while the government tried to remove an army colonel.

In April, the US expelled 35 Russian diplomats from Venezuela for their actions against authorities.

The government in Colombia, which has its own armed forces, also has been using the US-made anti-aircraft missiles system F-16s to attack drug gangs and police.

It has also cracked down on political activists. Last month, officials arrested more than 150 opposition leaders, including several of the country’s leading human rights and human rights groups including the Venezuelan Committee to Protect Journalists and its deputy director, Carillo.

A week later, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos also said that the government planned to use force to “conquer” drug gangs and police in the country, the Associated Press reported, adding that the new measures included “armed combat groups” in the country.

On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the Venezuelan action in a statement and said that the United States was sending a clear message to the Venezuelan government to abide by the principles of democracy and human rights in order to avoid unnecessary violence.

“Today, in response to the actions of the Venezuelan government, Secretary Kerry will convene a special task force to look at the role of the Venezuelan government and what role it should play in the future of human rights in Latin America,” Kerry’s statement said.

Kerry also vowed to “c바카라사이트ontinue to call on the Venezuelan government to conduct itself in a consistent and constructive manner.”

Also on Tuesday, Venezuela’s attorney general, Luisa Ortega Diaz, announced that she would investigate the arrest of two members of her own party in a high-profile murder. She also accused the opposition of using violence and accused the government of ordering a false arrest.

Venezuela’s attorney general Luisa Ortega Diaz, who has accused President Nicolas Maduro and his government of plotting to assassinate her, says a false arrest led to her resignation

President Nicolas Maduro’s government has come under heavy criticism in the United States after the arrest of two opposition lawmakers in